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let it shine moment of truth

Shine Quotes (254 quotes)

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Let It Shine (2012) - You Belong to Me (Movie Version HD)

Moment Of Truth

Check it out below! Radio Disney will premiere the full soundtrack on Saturday, June 9 and will interview cast members in studio leading up to the Disney Channel premiere of the movie. Upholding Disney's long legacy of presenting great stories for kids and families, the movie was written by Eric Daniel and Don D. Set in Atlanta, and filmed in and around Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, the "Let It Shine" story introduces Cyrus DeBarge played by Tyler James William s , who's the musical director at his father's church, and an aspiring rap artist who pens poems under the name "Truth. Vance , that hip-hop is not the devil's music, his challenges continue when, through a freestyle rap competition at the local teen club, he tells his childhood friend and longtime crush, recording artist Rox Anne Andre ws played by Coco Jones , how he really feels about her.

Let It Shine is a musical television film that premiered on Disney Channel. The film follows a shy, talented rapper and musician who pens romantic hip-hop verses only to stand idly by as they're delivered to the girl of his dreams by a proxy, his best friend, in a retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac play. Cyrus also secretly works as a busboy at a club, Off the Street, where the music label of their childhood friend, teenage singing sensation Roxanne "Roxie" Andrews Coco Jones , is sponsoring a songwriting contest. Roxie chooses Truth's heartfelt song "Don't Run Away" as the winning entry but misidentifies Kris as Truth because the photo Cyrus submitted was of them both. Kris convinces Cyrus to let him take credit for the song because he has feelings for Roxie. As Kris uses Cyrus' verses to get closer to both Roxie's heart and his newfound fame, Cyrus begins to resent his best friend.

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Moment of Truth Instrumental Version testo. Here we go again, prepare to meet your end This kid's a loser yo, he ain't even kissed a girl You write her love letters I buy her ice and pearls So how you like me now? Even Roxanne's in the background saying 'Wow, Bling's got style' I'm off the gold chain If you're a rapper why is Kris your backup dancer Like an extra on soul train I see your mommy and your daddy in the front row They must be embarrassed for you bro You're not a real M. You should quit hip-hop Now be a good bus boy and go get your mop Bling, you don't wanna battle You're the snake without the rattle You're the boat without the paddle You're the duck without the waddle You're the horse without the saddle The ranch without the cattle The day without the shadow Son, I think you should skedaddle kick gravel Sayonara punk arrivederci What language do I have to say it in for you to hear me clearly Adios amigo, you're over with, finito This clown couldn't rap anything but my burrito. Tutti i testi di Let It Shine Karaoke.



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  1. Here we go again Prepare to meet your end Just looked you up on Facebook You have zero friends.

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