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watch james mays man lab

Man Lab by James May

James May is on a mission to save modern man. Thirty years ago men were a resourceful, practical and dependable band of brothers. Today we have lost the once -familiar skills all men had - the skills to build things, make things and mend things.

As a shining beacon of modern masculinity, James Mays mission is to lead todays lost male souls on the slightly muddy but invigorating path to enlightenment. He confronts head-on the mysteries of romance and fashion, the challenges of cooking and the daunting world of hardcore DIY, demonstrating to the world that men can be a dependable and admirable bunch. While still making time for the pub.

In MAN LAB, James May leads a team of todays lost male souls on the slight muddy but invigorating path to enlightenment.
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James May Tackles Cold Tea Crisis With A Cup Of Tea Alarm - James May's Man Lab

James May's Man Lab S3 Ep2

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James May's Man Lab. Add to List. James May's Man Lab explores traditional skills that are being lost by the modern man and how to stop them from being lost forever, such as construction, seduction and more. Episodes Lists 4. Show Episodes 13 Lists 4 Listings.

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Network: BBC Two. James May's Man Lab sees James attempting redeem the reputation of the modern man by teaching them skills that were cherished by their forefathers. James May takes to the catwalk to liberate men from the tyranny of fashion and promote the one item of clothing they'll ever need - a cunningly modified boiler suit. He also does his bit for the British space project by sending the ashes of a cat and a budgie , feet into the stratosphere, re-forms some impractical kitchen items into the perfect lemon squeezer in his very own foundry, and teaches Man Lab's musically-challenged males how to cheat at playing the guitar. James and Oz Clarke break out of Dartmoor Prison, evade a team of trackers and navigate their way across moors using only a map and compass in their latest attempt to re-skill the modern male. James tests his own abilities further as he takes on what he feels is the most threatening challenge facing men today - remembering names at a dinner party. James May continues his epic quest to re-skill the modern male.

See Full Schedule. An accomplished writer, James has penned 14 books on subjects spanning from wine culture to the plight of manliness. Man Lab chronicles James' mission to reteach men the once-familiar skills all men had, from making and building to mending and inventing. Whether he's diffusing a bomb or navigating the English Channel by stars, James May's skill set knows no bounds! To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must have BBC America as part of your cable package. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? You will no longer have access to your profile.

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