Mice of men chapter 5

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mice of men chapter 5

Of Mice and Men - **spoilers**Candy in the ending? Showing 1-5 of 5

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OMAM Chapter 5

This chapter begins with Lennie in the barn holding his little puppy that he just accidentally killed. Curley's wife comes up to Lennie, and he tries to explain to her that he isn't supposed to talk to her. Curley's wife consoles him and tells him it was just a mutt, and he can get.

Of Mice and Men

Lennie is alone inside the barn, stroking a dead puppy. Worried that George will find out and won't let him tend the rabbits, Lennie buries the dead pup in the hay and says that he will claim to have found it dead. But then he uncovers the pup and strokes it again, realizing that George will know he killed it because George always knows and Lennie won't get to tend the rabbits. Lennie becomes so angry that he hurls the dead puppy across the barn. Shortly after having thrown the puppy, Lennie picks it up again, stroking it and deciding that maybe George won't care. Curley's wife enters the barn and asks Lennie what he has. Lennie repeats George's instructions that he is not to talk to her.

It is Sunday afternoon and Lennie is alone in the barn, sitting in the hay and stroking the dead body of his puppy. He decides to tell George that he found it dead but then realizes that George will see through this lie. Frustrated, he curses the dog for dying and hurls it across the room. He hastily hides the puppy and tells her that George ordered him not to speak to her. She reassures him that it is safe for him to talk to her, pointing out that the other men are occupied with a horseshoe tournament outside and will not interrupt them. She tells Lennie about her dreams of living a different life. She reveals that her mother denied her the opportunity to join a traveling show when she was fifteen and then, years later, a talent scout spotted her and promised to take her to Hollywood to become a movie star.

Click the summary infographic to download. All rights reserved. First, he covers the dead puppy up with hay. Next, he flings the dead puppy across the barn. We're not sure he's all that concerned about the dead puppy, actually.

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In chapter five, we see Lennie make some mistakes. When Lennie was sitting in the barn playing with his puppy, it bit him and Lennie smacked him a little bit too hard and it killed it. Lennie sat there asking the puppy why it died and wondered what George was going to think. He then grabbed the dog and threw it across the barn but then went and retrieved it. When she convinced him, she told him the he had nothing to worry about because all the men were out playing in a tournament of horse. She started talking to him about wanting to be a movie star and how she gets treated by the men on the ranch. She talked about how she married Curley and she dislikes him and then asked him why he likes small animals so much.


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