Star trek technical manual 2016

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star trek technical manual 2016

Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph

This is the one, the only, the complete Star Fleet Technical Manual with everything youll ever want to know about day-to-day life on the Enterprise. With architectural designs of the Enterprise, headquarters, detailed drawings of the weapons and equipment, official patterns for mens and womens uniforms, maps of orbit patterns and so much more, all your practical questions will finally be answered.
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Star Trek TNG Interactive Technical Manual, Part 1: Structural Features

Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual

The Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual is a reference book, ostensibly created as a compilation of material accidentally transmitted by the USS Enterprise during the events of " Tomorrow is Yesterday ", and detailing the technology of the 23rd century. This work is noted as providing the basis for the Star Fleet Universe series of games. All sections of the manual except the Introduction have "flysheets" that bear the Enterprise ship badge with various symbols in the centers. The rifle was, unfortunately, never shown, much less employed, in any other TOS episode. The two "technical orders" for the anabolic protoplasers are actually printed in REVERSE order; the large version, according to the table of contents, should have been printed first. Orientation of the page headings suggests that the page was bound on the wrong edge. Also, a later, on-line only, version of the manual shows a simplified version of the controls console for the transporter; this is not printed in the hard-copy versions.

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Log in or Sign up. - Star Trek Technical Manuals are a number of both official and fan-produced works detailing the technology of the fictional Star Trek universe; most pertain to starship design, though others target equipment used in the various Star Trek television series and films. Franz Joseph Schnaubelt published the original Star Fleet Technical Manual in ; since then other manuals have been created by fans and professional artists alike to chronicle the increasing variety of both canon and noncanon vessels and gear.

A printed Terran version of the Star Fleet Technical Manual was approved by the Federation Council for release to the civilians, and civilian auxiliaries on your planet. We have reviewed copies of this version as printed by you, and wish to assure you and the others that these copies are precisely correct and complete as authorized. We believe some of your civilians are confused because they are unfamiliar with the system and arrangement of Technical Orders, therefore, we offer the following by way of clarification. Further the Terran version contains even fewer Technical Orders because of the prohibition of the Prime Directive. Your civilians must understand these technical data banks contain all the knowledge presently known within the United Federation of Planets from all of the Member planets.


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