Paleo diet vs primal blueprint

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paleo diet vs primal blueprint

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation: A step-by-step, gene reprogramming action plan by Mark Sisson

Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson presents a fun, easy-to-follow, practical guidebook to help you get Primal in only 21 days. First, youll learn eight Key Concepts that represent the most important day-to-day elements living Primally, then tackle five Action Items that will enable you to literally reprogram your genes toward a long, healthy, and energetic life. The Action Items are presented in a fun and life-transforming 21-Day Challenge, featuring daily diet, exercise, and lifestyle endeavors with corresponding journal exercises.

Youll transition out of the regimented, carb-dependent, fat-storing Standard American Diet (SAD), the chronic, overly-stressful exercise patterns recommended by Conventional Wisdom, and other health-compromising elements of hectic modern life. Instead, youll smoothly implement the evolution-tested lifestyle behaviors of our hunter-gatherer ancestors to promote optimal gene expression. By eating Primally, youll transform from a sugar-burner into a Sissons so-called fat burning beast, where stored body fat becomes your preferred fuel choice, and energy, hormone, metabolic, and immune function are optimized automatically. With an intuitive mix of Primal workouts, youll get exceptionally fit in only a few hours per week -- and have fun while youre at it!

The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Transformation is stocked with photos, diagrams, concise section summaries, workout descriptions and photos, resource lists for Primal-approved foods and foods to avoid, recipe suggestions, and detailed real-life success stories to help you stay confident and focused on your Primal journey.

Unlike many complex, regimented, quick-fix programs, the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Transformation is a simple, sensibly-paced journey shaped by personal preference and a strong emphasis on enjoying comfortable modern life. The material is scalable for everyone, from Type-A fitness die-hards who might benefit from a more relaxed approach, to couch potatoes who need motivation to take that first step.

Mark Sisson guides you in a light-hearted, irreverent tone that will make you feel comfortable and inspired, and never intimidated. You can expect quick results in the first 21 days (fat loss, improved energy levels, fitness, and blood test markers), but your 21-Day Transformation is only the beginning of a life of ease and contentment that is possible when you live in harmony with your genetic requirements for health and longevity.
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The Paleo Diet Explained

All you need to know about the Primal diet

It only allows foods that our primal ancestors would have access to. Not only does this eliminate processed foods, it also eliminates foods like grains. The diet focuses on eating more protein, natural fats, and plenty of vegetables. Where possible, foods should be eaten in their most natural state. Raw milk, for example, is preferred to processed or pasteurized milk. Organic foods are preferred when available. The primal diet and paleo diet have similarities, but they also have distinct differences.

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So where do the diets diverge? The key difference between the two is their respective attitudes about saturated fats. Those who follow paleo avoid saturated fats opting for lean meats instead following the lead of research that connects saturated fats to increased cholesterol levels, which can lead to heart disease.
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The paleo and primal lifestyles are both based on evolutionary science that states that the diet we westerners are eating nowadays is nothing like what our ancestors ate a hundred thousand years ago. While they are very much alike, however, paleo and primal have specific rules that differ for each. Primal folks enjoy raw, fermented dairy once in awhile. I am not one of those folks. I eat plenty of butter, grass fed beef and coconut oil!

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