Second phase of south beach diet

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second phase of south beach diet

Quote by Martin Luther: “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the hig...”

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Published 15.12.2018

South Beach Diet Phase 2 Explained

'I Tried The South Beach Diet For Two Weeks—Here's What Happened'

ShaeLee Chatterton began writing professionally in She is a fitness nutrition coach through the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association and is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise. Chatterton earned a Bachelor of Arts in exercise science and communications at Boise State University. The South Beach Diet was formulated by Dr. Arthur Agatston and aims at encouraging intake of the right carbohydrates, including appropriate fats like olive and canola oil, specific fruits and vegetables, fiber, lean protein and whole grains. According to MayoClinic. The South Beach Diet also restricts unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats encouraging healthier monounsaturated fats instead.

There are two types of dieters who start Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet. Some dieters who had more than 10 pounds to lose or who had strong cravings for sugar and starch will start Phase 2 after finishing Phase 1. But dieters who have less weight to lose and without those strong cravings will begin the South Beach Diet plan with Phase 2. To lose weight successfully, download and print South Beach Diet Phase 2 food list then use the tips and advice to stick to the plan. You may notice that there are some slight differences between the foods listed on the website and the foods listed in the book.

South Beach Diet

Lose Weight, Gain Health -- South Beach Diet!

Doc's Opinion. For the first two weeks, you are not allowed to eat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, baked goods, fruit, sugar or consume alcohol. At the next level carbohydrates are added slowly, but it is still important that weight loss continues. In the third phase, when the goal regarding body weight has been reached, carbohydrates are added at the individuals choice. Agatston has acquired a good reputation internationally, particularly for his research in the field of imaging in cardiovascular disease. Despite that, Dr. Agatston has said that weight loss is not the main objective of the South Beach diet.

Unlike the first phase, this phase has no strict time limit. According to the plan, you should stay at the second phase until you are happy with your weight and comfortable with your diet. Sometimes people start at phase two if they don't have too much weight to lose but they want to be more healthful. Phase two does produce weight loss, but it's over an extended period of time [source: The South Beach Diet Online ]. Phase two has a much smaller list of restricted foods, though bad carbs will never come back to the OK list. During phase two, you can start bringing back more of the good carbs.

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