Funny advice to your younger self

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funny advice to your younger self

Books similar to What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self

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Published 15.12.2018

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self? Part 1

52 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

I learned a number of difficult lessons on my twenty-first birthday—a day that I remember now in snapshots: Sitting impatiently behind a desk in espadrilles and my favorite dress, determined to start celebrating the moment my statistics exam was over. Dashing barefoot down the front steps of my apartment in the pouring rain to accept the delivery of a decadent chocolate cake that my parents had sent from five states away. Then, later that night: Standing outside of a restaurant, frantically responding to excuse after excuse from people whose friendship I immediately found myself reevaluating. Silent, bitter tears rolling down my cheeks as my boyfriend apologized to me again and again from two thousand miles away. There are so many things that I would tell that girl if I had the chance. Save it for the people who do. For my true friends, who showed up when no one else did and called in reinforcements.

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It's meant to be this landmark moment that I'm supposed to make a big deal about, but I know I'll probably still feel 29, even though every romantic comedy about women in their lates tells me that it's a life-changing ordeal to turn It's 30 , after all. It's not that I'm in denial over my age or freaking out about heading into the "middle-aged" zone. Quite the opposite. I've never been more comfortable, more content and more at peace with myself in my life.

Next August I will have lived six decades on planet earth. When you reach my age, it's inevitable that you reflect more deeply about what's left of your life. You review where you came from, consider how you got here, and wonder where you're going next. In my case, I realize how much more deeply I am trusting God -- clinging to God -- than I ever did as a younger man. In some ways I "knew" so much more then. God and I have been on a long journey together with many twists and turns.

Discover their insights below: everything from having a successful career and business, to happiness, to winning in life! That is where you learn the most! I would remind him that—despite his limitations, flaws, and imperfections—he already deserves love and never EVER needs to try and convince others of this fact. Professor, Dept. At some point or another, we all wish we could go back in time, knowing what we know now, and do it all over again. The only problem is that only happens when you get can your DeLorean up to 88 miles-per-hour and generate 1. But I am not Michael J.

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