Chronological order of world religions

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chronological order of world religions

Quote by Anonymous: “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on w...”

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The five major world religions - John Bellaimey

Moving Through Time: Timeline of Religion

Judaism is an abrahamic belief based on the teachings of Moses. The holy book of Judaism is the Torah. It is the oldest religion of the group and starts around 4, years ago. A main figure from Judaism is Moses who freed the Israelites from bondage. One particular scene from Judaism is Moses with the Ten Commandments. It shows a older long bearded and long haired standing upon a big jagged grey rock.

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S ince the beginning of time, mankind has formed beliefs of the unexplainable and unknowable.
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Hinduism (founded around the 15th – 5th century BCE)

The Egyptians paint murals on the walls of tombs, designed to help the occupants in the next world. Go to Egyptian art in World Encyclopedia 1 ed.

Religion has been a factor of the human experience throughout history, from pre-historic to modern times. The bulk of the human religious experience pre-dates written history. Written history the age of formal writing is only c. Much pre-historic religion is subject to continued debate. Despite claims by some researchers of bear worship , belief in an afterlife, and other rituals, the archaeological evidence does not support the presence of religious practices by modern humans or Neanderthals during this period. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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