I hope ya dont mind

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i hope ya dont mind

Quote by Garth Nix: “I love you," he whispered. "I hope you dont mind.”

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Published 14.12.2018

360 - Hope You Dont Mind Ft N'Fa (1 Take Video)

if you don’t mind

Go to Songsear. I am looking for a songs with lyrics 'just love me baby, love me who i am.. Im looking for a song it sounded kind of green day-esk something about someones rise to fame through probably music and how they didn't need the other person. Its a male singer, singing to a girl i think. Im not really sure. I listened a girl sing a song but I don't know this song's name,she says 'there's a fire deep inside ,I can feel it turned and tide ohhhhh I want to this song's name and who officially sang this

Artist: T. Makin your momma proud, lookin in your daughter's eyes Kickin it with your sons, trippin, never realize how good you got it, been so wrapped up in your losses You couldn't see the profits, could still be in the projects Instead releasin projects just poppin when niggaz floppin So you went back to prison Tip, it could've been a coffin Now since we talkin you've been trippin ever since I died I appreciate you missin me but G you still alive I'm lookin down at you, then sendin smiles to you I checked the wedding out, oh tell Tameka hi, would you? Told you she'll get you, that's good cause shawty ride wit'chu Kids gettin big, seen King ridin a bicycle Saw Nique-Nique drive a car, see Bubba big as you I see Domani rappin, and he's spittin too Lil' Deyjah beautiful, and Major super cool My life is over with dawg, your life been good to you [Chorus: Akon] And you can tell everybody This is your song And you can tell everybody This is your song I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind That I put down in words How wonderful life is [T. And this pain I feel it never goes away Does it? This load I carry get no lighter I grew up all on my own with a broken heart and a broken home Taught me everything I've known, owe you everything I own I must admit you raised a warrior, my life could be a story book Hope you proud of me, didn't graduate from college but Thanks for listenin to me, so long I had this problem ducked 'Til we meet in person let's keep speakin through my verses, for life [Chorus] [Outro: Akon] This is your song.

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It originally appeared on John's eponymous second studio album which was released in Both songs received airplay, but "Your Song" was preferred by disc jockeys and replaced "Take Me to the Pilot" as the A-side, eventually making it to number eight on the Billboard chart. The song also peaked at number seven on the UK Singles Chart , as well as charting in the top 10 in several other countries. John was an opening act for the band at the time and allowed them to record it. They did not release it as a single as they wanted to let John, then an upcoming artist, have a go with it.

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  1. And you can tell everybody this is your song. It may be quite simple, but now that it's done. I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind. That I put down in words.

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