List of lesser known animals

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list of lesser known animals

Lesser Spotted Animals by Martin Brown

So it took me a bit to catch that the title had nothing to do with spots on the animals, rather than the frequency of spotting (seeing) them. Admittedly, I figured it out on the first page, but still. Or maybe the subtitle (The coolest creatures youve never heard of) gave it away when I finally had the book in hand. But you get the picture.

If the illustrations look familiar, maybe you are acquainted with Horrible Histories. If they look familiar and you arent, you probably need to be. The humor is definitely geared toward older readers (thankfully) so paired with the drawings, its a delightful book. (Another admission: Im a high school librarian and my own children are all teens. Im not really into cutesy book; I appreciate a bit of an edge.) And these animals have plenty of edginess. Koalas, pandas, and the typical overexposed are rebuffed from the outset. Meet instead the numbat, zorilla (not a zebra-gorilla hybrid), Spekes pectinator, banded linsang, gaur, and more.

Youre going to like this one. And maybe youll find your new favorite creature. Now that youve heard about it, of course.
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Lesser Known Prehistoric Animals

Nine lesser-known species that are in danger

The animal kingdom does love variety - and feel free to add your own in the comments section. Pacu is actually a common name for numerous different fish species that are related to piranhas. Pacus are vegetarian fishes that are traditionally found in the major river systems of South America. Peering into the chomping jaws of these fish will reveal their totally bizarre set of gnashers that look scarily like human teeth. These enigmatic cephalopods are a pretty rare sight since they usually dwell in deep waters ranging from meters to 4, meters, but the few times they have been spotted has revealed that they usually eat crustaceans and worms. Check out this awesome video of a graceful Dumbo octopus filmed at a depth of around meters.

60 Weird Animals Around the World, including unique mammals, strange Also known as the Mexican Walking Fish, this amphibious salamander is critically READ MORE: 20 Biggest Forests in the World (World Travel Bucket List). Unusual.
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Although it is related to the mongoose, the feline-looking fossa Cryptoprocta ferox has some characteristics in common with cats, such as retractable claws. Their body length, including tail, can be up to 1. They are the largest carnivorous mammal on Madagascar, and are highly adapted to climbing amongst trees. They are cathemeral active during both night and day and although they live a predominantly solitary life, males have been observed hunting cooperatively together. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the fossa is its extraordinary genitalia; the males have a long, spiny penis and the females, like hyenas, have a pseudo-penis which, unlike hyenas, decreases in size as the animal ages.

Every year, scientists wade into jungles, deserts and museum collections to examine animals and, if they're lucky, discover a new species. As these newfound creatures are uncovered, it's important to protect them from pollution, habitat loss and the havoc caused by invasive species, especially as Earth enters its sixth mass extinction , experts say. In the meantime, scientists are busy learning about these new animals, and whether these critters can inspire new materials, robots and medicines. The unusual white-and-black monkey lives in northern Myanmar, and can be heard sneezing off its "nose puddles" when it rains. But the animal has a trick up its sleeve or should we say nose?

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  1. Mar 30, Here is a list of 10 Lesser Known Animals. Fossa Although it is related to the mongoose, the feline-looking fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) has.

  2. Here's a new list of 21 more strange animals you've most likely never heard of, . Also known as the blue dragon, this creature is a is a species of blue sea slug.

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