Leadership from an introverts perspective

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leadership from an introverts perspective

The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

Succeeding in an Extroverted Business World

In our extroverted business culture, introverts can feel excluded, overlooked, or misunderstood. But being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be a great leader. Citing examples of highly successful leaders like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, Jennifer Kahnweiler shows that introverts can build on their quiet strength and make it a source of great power.

After highlighting the common challenges introverts face at work, such as stress, invisibility, and perception gaps, the book details a straightforward four-step process to handle work situations such as managing up, leading projects, public speaking, and many more. Kahnweiler provides numerous examples and leadership tips as well as a revealing Introverted Leader Quiz that pinpoints where focused attention will produce maximum results, The Introverted Leader will teach you to embrace your natural work style in order to advance your career, get the most out of the people around you, and add value to your organization.
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The Introverted Leader - MLC Interview with General Stanley McChrystal

Extroverts have low sensitivity to dopamine, so required large amounts of it. When you ask a question, it is then important to stop and listen to the response.
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler

Case study leadership from an introvert's perspective

First categorized by Carl Jung in the s, an introvert is most commonly defined as someone who gets his or her energy from alone time rather than socializing. Unlike their extrovert counterparts who get energy from other people , introverts are typically introspective, quiet but not necessarily shy , and observant. Introverts and extroverts may seem like polar opposites on paper, but there is often overlap — and nobody falls purely in either camp The Hustle. Of course, introverts define themselves in many different ways:. In studies , extroversion is consistently ranked as the most important trait a leader can have.

2. They build more meaningful connections.

A Extroverts are active, hearty, variety, interested in the outer world, expressive, speaks as they think, social. B Introverts are reflective, quiet, focus, inner world, measured, think then speak, solitude. Furthermore, while the extroverts are expending endless hours chatting, or gathering around the coffee area, introverts are focused on work most of the time, not chatting with co-workers for the sake of chatting. While an extrovert is talking at work about her engagement ring or his new plasma TV, the introverts are focused on the actual job at hand. Personal conversations are left for after work hours. If we are going to be negative and work hard on finding everything that is different and wrong with our co-workers, then for sure we will find it.

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