Why did god create dinosaurs

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why did god create dinosaurs

Quote by Michael Crichton: “God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs....”

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Published 14.12.2018

Are There Dinosaurs in the Bible? with Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Searching for the elusive answer to a persistent question concerning the seeming gullibility of my fellow Americans—namely, why did 42 percent of adults surveyed this spring by Gallup say they believe that God created humans in their present form less than 10, years ago?

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

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It is the most dramatic and important opening of any chapter of any book. Given as a declaration of fact, the first verse of Genesis covers the creation of time, space, and matter in a single sentence; a solitary breath. Thus began the world and everything in it. Today, we continue to discover physical evidence of many creatures that no longer exist, including reptiles known as dinosaurs. Their skeletal remains give us a glimpse into the structure and size of these remarkable animals.

Jump to navigation. We stood together in awe in the hall of dinosaurs, wondering at the beauty, strength and majesty of the long-departed creatures. I questioned how a good God could let such magnificent creatures as the iguanodon or the allosaurus simply fade from the earth. My question could extend well beyond dinosaurs: about 99 percent of all species that have ever lived are now extinct. If God is both the author and lover of creation, why would God use a process to develop complex beings that necessitates species extinction? This question has been addressed theologically in two main ways. One route is taken by teleological anthropocentrists, for whom all species, including those which have become extinct, find their fulfillment only in relation to the development of humankind.

Dinosaurs certainly did roam the Earth in the ancient past! . If God designed and created dinosaurs, they would have been fully functional.
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What Happened to the Perfect World?

Those who have collected dinosaur remains in the Midwest plains of Canada and the United States or in the Colorado Plateau region have no lingering doubt concerning their reality. Thousands of specimens have been found and excavated, thereby debunking the first theory mentioned.



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  1. The Bible tells us that God created different kinds of land animals on Day 6 of Creation Week (Genesis –25). Because dinosaurs were.

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