10 blessed companions of prophet muhammad

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10 blessed companions of prophet muhammad

The First Ones - Stories of the Sahabah Vol II by Noura Durkee

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Published 14.12.2018

Who are the 10 blessed companions of Prophet (Pbuh) ?

10 Blessed Companions. Abu Bakr Abdullah Ibn Abu Quhafa Appointed as the first Amir-al-Hajj Abu Bakr lead the prayers when the Prophet (SAW) could not.
Noura Durkee

The Blessed Companions عشرہ مبشرہ

This particular term Ashara Mubashshareen is dedicated in Islam to the ten noble companions of the Last and Final Messenger of Allah pbuh who were guaranteed Paradise by the Messenger of Allah pbuh during their lifetime. Following is the List of those fortunate companions of the Prophet pbuh are:. Reblogged this on empowermentweb and commented: May Allah make us as one of them. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

All information on IslamicFinder. Blessed with Jannah while in dunya is not earned easily. One thing that all men of faith strive towards is the entrance to Jannat-ul-Firdaus. For a believer, paradise is always within reach, lest we tend to stray from the path leading to it. However, there are those who were beloved by Allah SWT to the extent that they were promised Paradise in the hereafter, during the course of their lifetime on earth. He is known to have stated these ten names in a hadith pertaining to those companions for whom Paradise has been pre-ordained by Allah SWT on account of their services to Islam.

Hazrat Talha: Early convert Accepeted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Abu Bakr Accompanied Hazrat Sawdah, Hazrat Fatima and Hazart Umme Kulsoom on the migration to Medina Prophet sent him to check the whereabouts of Makkan caravan at Badr Hence he could not participate in th battle itself Deflected a sword aimed at the Prophet with his own hands got 75 wounds Fingers of that hand remained useless throughout his life. Known as living martyr Present at the treaty of Hudaybia His bravery led to the victory at Battle of Hunain Known as Fayyaz the generous one Donated wealth to the poor and led a simple life Member of the Islamic council during 1st and 2nd caliphates Amongst the 6 chosen by Hazrat Umar as his successor to caliphate Fought the battle of Camel against Hazrat Ali and died in 35 AH. Took part in conquest of Makkah Leader of Battle of Qadisiya during 2nd caliphate Governor of Kufa during 3rd caliphate Was offered the 4th caliphate but he refused Did not pay homage to Hazrat Ali. His father had given up idol worship He was an early convert His wife was Hazrat Umars sister He could read and wrire Was sent to check the Makkan caravan at Badr Commander of army that conquered Syria in the 2nd caliphate Conquered Damascus Made governor of Damascus but resigned due to love for Jihad. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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The greatest and most profound achievement of this world is to make jannah paradise. From the commencement of life on earth till this day and generations to come, the only hope that we as muslims are optimistic about is the belief that someday all our ups and downs shall come to an end and we will be rewarded bountifully in paradise. With the grace of Allah some among the muslim ummah have known of their fate that their final abode is jannah. With that in mind, below are some of the 10 luckiest people to walk the surface of the earth. Abu Bakr R. He was two and a half years younger than prophet Muhammad S. W and the first among men to enter Islam.

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  1. The Islamic prophet, Muhammad, specified ten of his companions who were promised paradise. Those companions named in this hadith are referred to as The.

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