David Allen, LCI #1644

David Allen, Roseville

David Allen is a dedicated bike commuter, using his commute as bookends on the workday.   He became a cycling instructor in 2006 so he could share what he’s learned about the joys of riding the roads. David teaches class in the Sacramento area and San Francisco.  He also helps new riders take their first spin on two wheels.

In addition to educating, David advocates on behalf of cyclists in Roseville, supporting improved access to and better design of roads and pathways.  Join one of David’s classes, and rediscover the fun of getting around by bike.
Dan Allison, LCI #2301
Dan is car-free and commutes regularly between mid-town Sacramento and Citrus Heights on public transit and bike.  He became an LCI in 2009 and is the Safe Routes to School Coordinator for San Juan Unified School District, where he offers both bicyclist and pedestrian lessons in PE courses in schools.  Dan has a Brompton folding bike, used every day and for travel, and a 1971 Motebecane touring bike that he uses for recreational rides.

Dan is a member of Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA), California Bicycle Coalition (CBC), and California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO), and is involved in bicycle advocacy on the regional and state level.

Marilyn Bryant, LCI#2302
Marilyn Bryant rides her bike to work, meetings and errands in and around downtown Sacramento.  She teaches bicycle safety and skill development in various formats:  one-hour clinics at worksites, classroom and on-bike activities at schools, and the nine-hour Urban Cycling Skills course.

During the week, Bryant is executive director of the Sacramento Transportation Management Association, a non-profit organization of employers and property owners that work together to promote sustainable transportation.  She chairs the May is Bike Month Steering Committee that encourages people in the Sacramento region to bicycle and log their miles on the website to reach and exceed one million miles in May.

Don Bybee, LCI #2303

Don Bybee has been a long term bicycle commuter and is an avid recreational rider and loaded bicycle tourist.  He is a volunteer through the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates, (SABA) and as a bike mechanic through the Sacramento Bike Kitchen.

In 2009, Don decided to take his cycling skills to the next level and completed his instructor training through the League of American Bicyclists.  With this certification Don now enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge of riding the city streets and the open roads of California in safety.
Brandon Haydu, LCI#2501

Brandon is a regular bike commuter and enjoys riding in his free time.  While at college he was a member of the triathlon and mountain bike team and took the League of American Bicyclists’ cycling course.  Now he enjoys teaching how to ride safely and predictably through traffic, seeing new riders gain confidence on the road. During the week Brandon works at the Urban Land Use and Transportation Center at UC Davis and develops large scale travel demand models to help transportation planners determine how infrastructure improvements will benefit California.

Dennis King, LCI#2308
Dennis King has been bike commuting for more than 25 years.  He rides year-round, rain or shine.  He is a member of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) and a SABA steward for Mile 8 on the American River Parkway.
Dennis is a frequent ride leader for the Sacramento Wheelmen, leading a year-round commute ride along the bike trail to downtown and an annual week long bicycle tour in the Anza Borrego Desert.  Dennis was recognized as the “Cyclist of the Year” for the Sacramento region in May 2006.  He completed the League Cycling Instruction (LCI) training in February 2009.
Pat McAuliffe, LCI #2310
Pat teaches many of the classes in Sacramento.   Here’s what Pat’s students say about his classes:
“Pat is very thorough, knowledgeable and personable.  His presentation of course material sets his audience at ease and on notice to the salient points of his discussion.”

“I really enjoyed the presentation. Pat has a nice reflective style that is easy to follow and very effective.” “Pat exhibits a keen understanding of his audience and each individual’s ability to take on new information.  He taught well so we assimilated the information.”


Mellissa Meng, LCI #2703

Mellissa Meng is a cycling enthusiast with a collection of bikes to suit the day’s adventure – getting groceries or transporting other cargo, tootling around town, riding tandem with friends, mountain and road riding, or just plain cruising.
During the day, Mellissa works with elementary schools in North Natomas promoting walking and cycling to school and reducing traffic around those school sites.  One of the best parts of her job is helping to instill the love of cycling in children.  Through a program called, Project Ride Smart, she teaches hundreds of children to ride safely on the roadway, using the rules of the road.
Brad Meyers, LCI #2698
Brad has a passion for teaching and enjoys teaching cycling classes.  Since becoming a licensed cycling instructor, he’s taught elementary school students the basics of riding a bike, as well as adults how to cycle safely in all situations. He’s even been known to unexpectedly dismantle a neighbor child’s bike to help him learn the basics of balance. Brad’s relaxed demeanor and knowledge of the bike and cycling safety are evident, and he makes it fun for others to gain that knowledge.
Jeffery Rosenhall, LCI, #2312
Jeffery Rosenhall has been a bike commuter for over 10 years and enjoys teaching others how to ride safely and predictably.
He helped found the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen in 2006 and encourages fellow employees at the California Department of Public Health to start biking through the Bicycle User’s Group (BUG).
Jeffery can be found at Sacramento cyclocross races and his cartoons have popped up in the SABA newsletter as well as Cyclocross Magazine. Jeffery is now sharing his love of biking with his toddler son.
Tony Powers, LCI #1648
Tony Powers is a Senior Transportation Engineer for Dokken Engineering in Folsom, specializing in bridges and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  He has been a year-round bike commuter for 18 years, is an avid, if occasional, bike tourist who has ridden in over half the states and several foreign countries, and has been a dedicated bicycle advocate for the past 10 years.
Tony is the founder and past chair of the Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates (FABA).  He has been an LCI since 2006 and has taught dozens of bike safety clinics over the past 10 years.   You can easily recognize him on the road by the purple front panniers that are a fixture on his touring bike as he pedals to his motto: “Every day is a tour”.
Marie Schelling, LCI #2313
Marie Schelling is an Associate Transportation Planner at the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  She took the League of American Bicyclist Traffic Skills 101 course (also known as Urban Cycling Skills) to make sure she knew how to ride safely in traffic.
Marie has been bike commuting since May 1998.   She is a member of SABA, the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC), and two local bike clubs.  She was recognized as the “Most Inspirational Cyclist of the Year” in 1999 by SABA and Breathe California was recognized in May 2005 as the “Cycling Advocate of the Year” by the Sacramento Transportation Management Association.  Marie completed the LCI training in February 2009.
Owen Howlett, LCI#1239
Owen has taught courses on traffic cycling skills and bicycle maintenance to adults and children since 2000.  He has taught students to negotiate the busy streets of his native London , England , where he worked as an instructor. He came to Sacramento in 2003, qualified as a League Certified Instructor  in 2005.  Owen commutes by bike and light rail to his job in Fair Oaks.
Bob Ehardt, LCI#

Bob commutes by bike regularly between Orangevale and McClellan Park and was awarded “Cyclist of the Year” for 2007 by the McClellan Park TMA.  He is a member of the Folsom Area Bicycle Advocates (FABA), Adventure Cycling Association, and the League of American Bicyclists and became a League Certified Instructor (LCI) in 2010. Bob also races for the Bicycle Planet team of  Folsom and he bicycle toured through seven national parks including Glacier National Park and Death Valley.