Urban Cycling Skills

Everyone who wants to be more confident and comfortable driving a bicycle on the streets will enjoy this class.

The class includes a Student Manual.   Class size is limited to 15 students so we ask people to register in advance.   To request a Registration form, contact us.

Fixing a flat instruction

The class begins in the classroom with an overview of bike maintenance and on-street skills we will practice when riding on the bike, guided-by-instructors.  We cover what to check before you ride, rules of the road, reasons for crashes and how to avoid them.  

ABC Quick-check, checking the crank

When you complete the class and take the exam, you earn the Traffic Skills 101 certificate from the League of American Bicyclists.

All classes are taught by League-certified instructors.


Riding on-street

On the street, we practice lane positioning,  how to bicycle through intersections, communicate with motorists, and bicycle safely and predictably.

In a parking lot, we practice handling skills and emergency avoidance maneuvers.

Instructor guiding skills drill





One-hour clinics

There is no charge; instructors are paid by the Sacramento Transportation Management Association (TMA).  Contact us for more information about hosting a class.

Smart Cycling (1 hour presentation)
Skills to bicycle safely and predictably.   Rules of the road and lane positioning.    Bicycle selection and fit.  Helmets.  Equipment you need and optional equipment you’ll like.  Clothing, and safety gear.  Five things to check every time before you ride.  Planning a route.  Taking your bike on transit.  Parking.  Bike security.

Who should attend:   Anyone who wants to build on the bike skills they have; first time cyclists; those uncertain of their skills and people that would like to try commuting to work by bicycle.

All weather Cycling (1 hour)

Riding a bicycle in Sacramento year-round is not difficult, but to insure a safe and comfortable ride, it helps to take this class and pick up some tips on how to stay hydrated, don’t overheat, see and be seen (when it’s dark)!  Stay dry (when it’s wet)!

Prepare yourself and your bike for riding in heat, reduced light, rain or cold!  Learn about equipment, clothes and techniques for riding year-round and maintaining your bicycle after different rides.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance (1 hour)

Timely bicycle maintenance can prevent a serious crash as well as inconveniences that ruin a ride.   This clinic covers tools to have with you, fixing a flat tire, basic brake adjustments, basic derailleur adjustments (shifting), caring for your drive train (chain, cassette, chain ring).

Nutrition for Cyclists (1 hour)

Fueling your commute to work.  A power lunch.  Eat according to your ride.   What to eat.  Choices.  Losing weight.  Tips for fueling and hydration.